Welcome to Star Crossed Photography, specializing in all things love; from engagement, to wedding, to boudoir, and maternity.

Oh hey there ~ nice to meet you! So they called me Charro (hint: it rhymes with “sparrow”), and if you are fluent in Spanish go right ahead and let out that chuckle now…and if you’re not, there’s a funny little story behind it that I’d love to tell you about sometime! 

My love for art and creating beautiful things has been with me since a young age. It all started with playing the violin in my school orchestra (The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera was my favourite piece), followed by sketches of majestic horses, which then led to intricate nail art, and eventually into photography.  

Since my certification in Digital Photography with high honours in 2014, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to capture weddings since then, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it; mostly because it allows me to be constantly surrounded with so much beauty, love and bliss (#bestjobever).

Before I became a photographer, I worked in the customer service field for 16 years, and it allowed me to help people every day which I really enjoyed, and I now continue the skills I acquired from that path into my photography, as I believe client service is an essential part of having a successful business. As your photographer, my priority is to ensure your entire experience is nothing but fun and stress-free, and that we feel more like friends rather than professional partners.

So, with the hopes to the start of a new friendship, here are a few random facts about me so you can get to know me a little better: I have an insatiable appetite for sugar…it’s entirely possible that I could be convinced into working for wedding cake. Rose gold everything. My spirit animal is the cat, and of course I have 2 of them…my two fur babies Fozzie (the oh-so-affectionate fluffy ginger kitty), & Roxy (named after Rocky, and the not-so-affectionate calico) and they make my heart full. My love Sebastian and I often find ourselves just cruising around together to wherever the road takes us, because those are the best adventures. I’m a Pisces, a fairytale fanatic, and I dream of being a mermaid.

I live to chase those fleeting moments in life, and preserving them as images that echo romance and ethereal beauty. It is my aspiration that you and your legacies will look upon these memories that were once nearly gone forever, and be able to relive them time and time again.

Tell me your story and let me be your love catcher!

~ Charro ~
~ Photographer of love, lover of cats, and chocolate’s biggest fan ~